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Swiss Cheese Mushroom Quiche with a Homemade Crust



There is nothing that beats waking up in the morning and eating a  delectable Swiss cheese mushroom quiche.  It’s even better with a side of bacon and roasted potatoes. This is a great lazy day Sunday breakfast to make, or also something to whip up when company’s in town- your sure to impress them!!  If you choose to make homemade dough you can even make it the night prior so then in the morning you can cook up the filling and be done.  I’m telling you right now that this quiche is 5 out of 5 stars and I still sure to put a smile on your face!  This recipe was inspired from the Moosewood Cookbook.

*Dough- you can either make your dough from scratch (recipe down below) or use pre-made dough*

Ingredients ( Homemade Dough)-

75 grams of grated butter

150 grams of flour

3 TBS of Ice Water

Quiche Ingredients-

4 Large Eggs

12oz of whole milk

3 TBS. of Flour

1/4 TSP. of Salt

1 1/2 cups  of grated Swiss Cheese

1 Medium Onion


* Total Time (with homemade dough) 3 hrs and serves 10*


Homemade Dough-

Step 1- Shred 75 grams of butter.  Then in a large mixing bowl measure out 150 grams of flour and 3 TBS Ice Water.  Next place the butter and Ice water in the fridge for 30 min.


Step 2-  Take the butter and ice water out of the fridge.  Take the grated butter and place it in the flour (make sure you spread out the butter evently on top of the flour).  Then with a fork mash the butter and flour together so it combines and makes little pebbles.

Step 3- Grab a spoon and slowly add the ice water in, as you are adding in the ice water form the dough into a ball.  When you are done adding in the ice water your dough should be in a ball.  Place the dough in fridge for an 1 hour.


Quiche Recipe-

*Preheat oven to 375 degrees*

Step 1- Shred your Swiss cheese and chop and sautè your mushrooms and onions.



Step 2- Take your eggs, milk, flour and salt and beat them together in a mixing bowl, this is the custard.


Step 3- Get your dough from the fridge and roll in out, you want it to be thin and long enough to fit in your large pie dish.  Then place the dough in the pie dish and make sure some of the dough goes over the sides a little.

Step 4-  Now that your dough is in the pie crust take your Swiss cheese and place it on the bottom of the dish, next add the custard on top of the cheese finally top it off with the sauté mushrooms and onions. Now place it in the oven for 40-45 minutes or until solid in the center when jiggled.  Once the quiche is done Enjoy!


Before being cooked


After being cooked



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