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Compost Cookies

Who would think  bland oats,  salty pretzels,  crunchy chips,  sweet chocolate chips and  creamy butterscotch chips would make such a wonderful cookie.  Not me but, I was sure wrong- it makes such a prodigious combination that it is sure to please you. We all know composting is great for the environment but, these cookies great if you want to make your stomach as pleased as could be.  Compost cookies make a dessert, midnight snack or just a little something sweet to enjoy between meals.  The absolute best part of eating these cookies are is the fact that their jam packed with different flavors yet, they all taste marvelous during every bite.  So next time your feeling munchy, make these cookies, sit down with a glass of milk and enjoy the combination of sweet and salty!! Continue reading “Compost Cookies”

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

These chocolate chip cookie bars put chocolate chip cookies to shame.  They are more dense and 2x the amount of chocolate chips of a regular cookie.  You can add nuts or different M&M’s like almond, regular or caramel.  Also these are great holiday treats for teachers or friends!!  They are great with a glass of milk or dipped in peanut butter.  So do yourself a favor and don’t keep balling cookie dough or making sure they don’t fall apart when they are fresh out the oven;  just make these cookie bars instead.  PS- they also leave your house smelling mouth-watering when they come out of the oven!! Continue reading “Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars”