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7 Layer Chili

Nothing beats out chili for comfort food between the wonderful flavor and mouthwatering smell, what’s not to love about it.  Just sitting down with your family eating a hot bowl of chili accompanied by corn muffins, is the best way to end your day. All the ingredients come together so beautifully- between the hearty beans/crushed tomatoes, the bold seasonings and the always wonderful cheese and sour cream.  Vegetarians do not worry this chili is 100% vegetarian friendly but, my fellow meat lovers don’t fret.  Just add some ground beef or ground turkey and you will be all set.    This chili is super easy to make ahead of time, freeze it and then reheat it for dinner.  We hope you enjoy this comfort food craving of ours and Enjoy. Continue reading “7 Layer Chili”

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Stuffed Pepperoni, Mushroom Stromboli

Say Good Bye to pizza pockets because this Stromboli is off the charts.  It is super easy to make and we love eating it in our house.  To me the best part is you can fill the stromboli with whatever pizza fillings your taste buds desire.  You can either make homemade dough ( what I did)  or buy pre-made dough.  For some extra flavor be sure to have some marinara dipping  sauce on the side or drizzle it over the stromboli once it’s done being cooked.  We hope you try out this Stromboli and Enjoy it with friends & family!! Continue reading “Stuffed Pepperoni, Mushroom Stromboli”

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BBQ Honey Pulled Chicken Sandwich (Crock Pot)

Lately I’ve been craving some BBQ food, I’m talking Southern BBQ. So I found this recipe and twisted it to make up to my BBQ needs. This recipe is so simple to make (your 8 year old could make this) and leaves your house smelling good for days. The flavors harmonize in your mouth and you don’t have to be outside grilling in the heat. This is sure to be a fan favorite in your house, plus it’s great for on the go moms because it only requires 15 minutes from you!! Do yourself a favor and make this for a cook out or just your Monday Night Dinner. Continue reading “BBQ Honey Pulled Chicken Sandwich (Crock Pot)”