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Taco Dip

This is a one of kind dip with a very unique taste that will have you coming back for more.  It has a really creamy taste with nice a spiced counterbalance taste at the end.  Another great part about this dip is that you can add olives, lettuce or any other topping you like!!  I bet you have all these ingredients sitting around in your kitchen, so you can whip up this dip at anytime.  This a great dip to share with friends at a party or by yourself while watching some Netflix.  If you do bring this to a party be prepared to give out the recipe because, last time I received so many questions on how to make this.  So break out your tortilla chips and enjoy!! Continue reading “Taco Dip”

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Garlicky Parmesan Pretzels

This might be the fastest & easiest snack to ever be on the planet.  The combination of the garlic and parmesan is on point.  Personally the best part about this snack is it only needs 4 ingredients and takes 6 minutes.  Yes 6 minutes.  Funny story- The 1st I made these I accidentally put in 1/4 cup (instead of 1/2) of garlic & when they came out I was really confused why they turned out super garlicky.  How got 1/8 of a cup from 1/4 I don’t know. 2nd time around I put the correct measurement in and it tasted superb!!  With all that being said you should really give this recipe a shot, because in 6 minutes you have a snack that you can’t get enough of!! Continue reading “Garlicky Parmesan Pretzels”